face paint for young and old for any occasion in the kc metro area

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Booking Info

Current rate for birthday parties is $90.00 for the first hour and $75.00 for each additional hour within Johnson county, KS. For example a 3 hour party (30-40 people painted) cost $90+$75+$75=$240.00 Overtime is $100/hour if I am available to stay longer.

Please contact me for rates for corporate or nonprofit events.

Base price assumes you supply an area protected from sun, wind and rain. (Windy location will slow face painting down.)

Steps to booking:

  1. Contact me for an availability check. (facepaintbyeni@gmail.com or 913-908-6831)
  2. Secure your date by paying the non-refundable $40.00 retrainer (will be applied to the cost of the event) via Pay-Pal to facepaintbyeni@gmail.com or send me a check.
  3. The contract will be emailed to you, please fill it out and send it back to me.
  4. The rest of the fee is due at the start of the event via PayPal or cash.
  5. I will be at your party about 20 minutes early to set up and paint the birthday kid before the guests arrive.

What you are paying for:

  • I am insured
  • I use professional face paints, that are safe, cosmetic grade materials meant for use on the skin
  • jewels and blings
  • beautiful designs; all photos on this site are my work
  • I am less expensive than others in this area

Important information:

  • Children will be painted first, then others as time permits (unless requested otherwise)
  • I’ll give everyone a first turn before I do more on them or do touch-ups
  • I will not force a child to be paint


About the artist

Hi, I am Eni (pronounced as any). Mom to 3 amazing and little crazy kids. I started face painting in order to throw my daughter an awesome 4th birthday party. Needles to say, I did not even have any time to do face painting at that party…

I was born and raised in Hungary, Europe and came to the U.S.A. in 2001 to complete my internship for my Bachelor’s degree in Tourism & Hotel Management. I met my husband when he was stationed in Hungary. We have been living in Kansas since 2003 when he got out of the Army. I have changed my profession from hotel business over to accounting, but even that plan has changed after our twins were born. Nowadays my job is to raise our 3 little ones!

My services

Face paint immediately became a big hit with my kids and also with their friends. I have been invited to birthday parties and business events. My kids eventually got bored of face painting (Yes, it is possible! I have to bribe mine with lollipops to practice on them.) In order to stay a cool mom, I've learned how to make balloon animals! 

Now I offer face painting, balloon twisting and glitter tattoos.

Service details

I am using professional face paint products (Tag, Diamond FX, Wolfe, Kryvaline) that contain FDA approved, cosmetic grade ingredients, and are safe to use on the skin. They are all water based and can be easily removed with soap and water or baby oil. I can paint about 10-20 people in an hour, but this varies by the design.

Glitter tattoo is water resistant and stays on the skin for a couple of days. It is easily removable with baby oil. I can make about 20 tattoos/hour.

Balloon twisting depends what the kids want. Swords are fast and easy and one of the biggest hits and I can make one in about a minute. However, monkeys anc crowns can take up 2-3 minutes.

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Face Paint by Eni


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